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At a time of chaos in the the world following a series of bloody and violent wars spanning the globe, there are few places where true freedom is relished and supported.

La Paradiso happens to be one such place. A manmade island that floats off the coast of Italy. Roughly half the size of Sicily, La Paradiso is a resort destination known for its indulgence in all things hedonistic. Laced with sin at its very heart and more and more guests arrive every day to indulge in the unique experience that the island has to offer.

At the heart of all the fun, however, is a bitter struggle that rages between the founders and operators of the island and people who are desperate to see it shut down—preferably by force

All that glitters is most definitely not gold, however. There are rumors going around that not all of the islands guests are exactly "willing".

Most guests remain blissfully unaware of the struggle that occurs involving the island, but getting caught up in it is certainly possible.

Welcome to Alla Morte

Your characters have come to take a peaceful vacation on La Paradiso. Whether they like it or not.

Alla Morte is a multi-fandom and OC rp that allows characters from anime/manga, books, television, movies and video games as well as characters of your own making.

Gameplay starts on November 15, 2014 and we are currently accepting applications. Please feel free to take a look around and check out the important links below. Feel free to contact the moderators for any questions.
The Communities

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Useful Links and Information

Character Reservations || Applications
Rules|| Gameplay || FAQ || Locations || Taken Characters || Island Housing

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